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Aqueous fluorescent ink
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Operation note: 1, different types of invisible ink should be used for different types of substrate, first of all, we should determine a good substrate printing after light, light, temperature, residual traces, printing the traces of cleaning a series of printing before and after testing, as batch production preparatory work. 2, to find the most suitable for different base material of the invisible ink, therefore in the determination of mass production should be confirmed before the sample, that is feasible to use the rear can be used in mass production. 3, invisible ink printing on the car line must be bright enough to light the ultraviolet light source, otherwise easily lead to invisible ink invisible light reflex is not obvious, and so on. 4, printed substrate invisible ink after should be stored in a cool ventilated room for good, suitable for storage temperature is between 5 to 35 DEG C for good, avoid high temperature, low temperature, freezing, exposure to the sun and rain. 5, high temperature products for different end products need to play in mass production before the confirmation sample, think feasible rear can be used, such as special material through temperature can not reach the disappearance temperature, can be used to eliminate the heating equipment, in the use of the company's products can not be mixed with his company products. 6, finished ink storage requirements: the company's production of stealth ink for water, environmental protection type of invisible ink. It is easy to produce a lot of chemical reactions, such as climate, air, etc., so there are more requirements in the custody. Are as follows: FH0151#, FH5031#, FH7651#, FH9181#, FH9281#, FH3581#, FH6011#, after opening the cover should be timely original lid tightly do not need to add any outside of all the products. Otherwise easily lead to a decrease in luminosity, dim, extinction, metamorphism and other external climate adverse factors. Normal printing if there is a smear or invisible ink dry, as appropriate, as appropriate, add less water and moisture, different types of invisible ink is not allowed to mix, mix and match. The original packaging date from 60 days for the safe shelf life. 7 application technology advisory phone: 400-0592-801